Fingerprint Door Locks Installation in Uganda

Whether you are looking to increase the security of your home or office, a digital fingerprint door lock is a smart choice. These are smart door locks that use biometrics – mostly fingerprints – to provide access and monitor entry to and from the building.

The working of the Eurovigil digital door lock is intuitive, smart and is highly convenient. No more fumbling for keys in your bags or pockets. Here, in this post, you can find all that you need to know about a fingerprint and biometric door lock.

About Fingerprint Door Locks

  • Maximum Security
    Conventional door locks use pin tumbler mechanisms. As you know, it’s easy to replicate the keys for these doors or practised thieves could even pick the lock without much difficulty. On the other hand, a fingerprint lock like the Yale YDR 4110, from Eurovigil is a keyless lock. There are no keys. Instead, the door unlocks only when an authorised fingerprint is captured in the scanner.

This provides homeowners with huge peace of mind, as there’s no chance of your main front door lock getting picked or bumped.

  • Increased control over visitors
    A biometric lock can be programmed to store fingerprints of thousands of users. It is a huge boon for large offices and other commercial complexes, that have a large number of employees entering and exiting the campus at all times.

With a fingerprint scanner mounted as part of the access control system of the campus, only authorised users can gain access into the building. Additionally, you can configure these locks in such a way, that sensitive areas like server rooms, network centres, and others can be accessed only by employees who have special permission.

  • Not just Fingerprints
    Contrary to popular belief, digital locks like the Yale series from Eurovigil don’t just use fingerprints. Instead, it has a discreet numeric panel that is visible only when a person touches the in-device screen. It’s a hybrid model – meaning you can use either fingerprints or passcodes for unlocking the door.

This is handy, especially when you have visitors in an office or guests at home. You can share the code with your guests temporarily and change it when you want to revoke the access rights of your visiting guests.

  • Tamper Proof
    Very often, people assume that a fingerprint door lock is a fragile device that is easy to break into. Smart door locks from reputed manufacturers like Eurovigil are made using high-grade steel and other durable materials.

Additionally, these door locks come with an alarm that beeps loudly and alerts concerned security authorities, when someone tries to tamper with the lock or forcefully open the door.

  • Automatically Shuts the Door when you Leave
    Digital locks not only unlock the door but also close the door automatically, when a person leaves the room. It is a huge benefit for homeowners. You need not come to the front door to manually lock it, every time a person – be it the maid, children or husband – leaves the house.
  • Prevent Piggybacking Entries
    This applies to offices. Generally, in offices, one person swipes his/her ID card or fingerprint to unlock the door and a large number of employees behind the first person, take advantage of the door being open and enter the building without swiping their ID cards. This is a huge drawback for the HR team as they are unable to pinpoint the actual entry times of every employee.

With a biometric fingerprint scanner, any employee who gained entry into the building without placing his/her fingerprint in the entry scanner will not be able to leave the premises using the exit scanner. Once employees know this, you can be sure that they would avoid the practice of piggybacking entries.

Keyless Biometric Scanners – The Future of Door Locks
As you can see, access control systems using fingerprint-enabled door locks, present an array of benefits compared to conventional locks. Not only are these locks highly secure but also highly convenient. Are you ready to upgrade the security of your home or office? Find more about digital locks and access control systems from Eurovigil by talking to a Eurovigil safety expert.