Training for corporates & individual students in Uganda

We actively train your staff on the software your office uses which will dramatically improve their performance.Training includes learning keyboard shortcuts, multiple ways to do the same task, and new parts of the program you never knew existed.We can agree on a flexible and convenient schedule whereby our instructor will visit your office to teach a specialized program(s).

Enroll on the IT support training course to become a highly desirable Support Professional. You will help to keep an organization’s systems working at maximum efficiency. The Support Professional is an ideal stepping stone to alternative technical positions.

Become a Website Design Professional and design commercial websites in a structured and manageable way.  Learn how to connect your websites with databases and ultimately allow you or your organization to process on-line payments. Commercial website design is a growing and ever evolving area of expertise.

Become a Networking Professional and design, implement and administer the most advanced Windows operating system. Today’s networking challenges could be within an organization’s internal network, a network connecting regional offices or a wide area network supporting international operations. The role of the Network Professional is diverse and highly rewarding.

Our Programming courses will help you learn how to write, test and debug programs which are essentially a series of logical instructions. This  you how to develop programs involving the variour development language.

You could be developing programs or ‘software’ for a wide variety of applications such as the internet and for organisations like banks and local County Councils.