Mtl Ict Solutions is an eCommerce agency located in Kampala Uganda. We specialize in delivering innovative, scalable, and customized ecommerce solutions for WooCommerce Website development. We recognize and respect the individuality of each client. Through close collaboration with every client, we gain a comprehensive understanding of their unique requirements and aspirations. This enables us to develop tailored ecommerce solutions that align perfectly with their specific goals.
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  1. Research and strategic planning
  2. Customized theme design for WooCommerce
  3. Comprehensive development of WooCommerce platform
  4. Advanced customization options
  5. Support for WP REST API JSON
  6. Development and customization of plugins
  7. Smooth migration from other shopping cart platforms
  8. Integration with third-party systems
  9. ERP integration services
  10. Customized shipping options
  11. Custom fields for product variations
  12. Planning and development of marketing strategies
  13. Product SEO optimization
  14. Management of WooCommerce PPC and shopping campaigns
  15. Optimization of website speed for WooCommerce
  16. UX audit services for WooCommerce websites
  17. Conversion rate optimization
  18. Website maintenance and troubleshooting
  19. Content Updates
  20. Malware removal