About Us


Mtl Ict Solutions is an Information and Communication Technology (ICT) Company with the primary objective to provide demand-driven quality solutions and business services for a range of clientele including the enterprise sector and non-governmental organizations in Kampala,Uganda.

We are a diverse and dynamic team of professionals committed to empowering our clients with new and innovative work methods, attitudes and practices. With unrivaled expertise, we are committed to meet your expectations.

Located at KamuKamu Plaza Level 2 Room SF 35 Kampala, Uganda Mtl Ict Solutions was established in 2011 and prides itself on a compelling vision and mission to provide reliable tailor-made ICT solutions to enable our clients to remain effective and competitive in their business.

Mission Statement

To provide clients with high quality ICT solutions, consistent and timely product support for continuity and business growth.


To work closely with clients; strategically enhancing their competencies to address the technological and organizational challenges.


Our goal is success. We develop standards and set goals that help contribute to our success and our clients’ satisfaction.

“We believe in all Business Ideas. Develop yours with us today”!